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Adult Martial Arts Classes

AGES 14+

Benefits of Martial Arts for Adults

Adult instruction is about keeping traditional discipline in an atmosphere where you can feel comfortable working with others. It is an environment where you can learn more about yourself while strengthening your body.

We offer various classes including Traditional, Olympic (sport) Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Weapons and other specialized classes. After training, you will feel more physically and mentally fit because you are conditioning your body and relieving your stress.

One of the benefits of Adult instruction is that it can be individually structured to your class type preferences. You may find yourself being able to touch your toes because you are more flexible or find yourself working on Tae Kwon Do footwork drills that may improve speed, balance and coordination. You might even be working on plyometrics which can increase your explosiveness and build strength. More aspiring adults have the option to participate in Olympic Tae Kwon Do training where you will be literally sweating where you stand. Laughter is also an essential ingredient to many of our classes.

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