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Testimonials for Lee's Martial Arts


Lee's Martial Arts teaches self improvement, confidence, respect, humility, and discipline. This is a second home and family to students who attend.
Jilian Vena
Submitted VIA Google
My son Kaison has been a member for over 3 years now and all I can say is this place is the best around. We had tried a place before Lee’s but they do not compare to them. I had enrolled him initially so his social skills and confidence would improve and it has surpassed what I expected. He loves going, learning and he has met some great friends. All the credit goes to the instructors because they are honestly the reason why my son is still there. Master John is a great coach. He is patient and works with us in regards to scheduling and tuition. Master Jaime is the best role model for my son. He is also patient and wow is he talented!! I would like my son to grow up to be just like him. Everybody there is amazing even the older kids like OZ who are great leaders and role models for the smaller kids. This place is honestly the best and im so happy my son enjoys going everyday and I look forward to more years with Lee’s Martial Arts.
Liz Sal
Submitted VIA Google
“It opened my eyes when my son came home with honors last report card. It was his first ever! It’s hard to believe that Lee’s Martial Arts Academy is … and Academy! They really know how to tie home, Tae Kwon Do, and school together… now he’s giving me random hugs around the house and calling me Ma’am!” Thank You Lee’s!
Sheila L.
“Since enrolling in Tae Kwon Do classes at LMAA my son’s confidence in himself has soared. He has developed a sense of purpose and dedication not only to studying Tae KwonDo but also to everything he sets out to do whether it’s in the classroom or on the baseball field. In addition, my son has become more aware and interested in other aspects of Korean Culture and history. Grand Master Lee and Master John created an environment at the dojang that connects the study of TKD to home, school, and personal growth. They operate a tremendous program and have an exceptional talent for connecting with kids of all ages. LMAA’s program offers the right balance of discipline and fun”
Karen R.
“A nice family activity… I am able to see, first hand, my son’s growth in self-confidence, volunteering more and leadership skills. For both of us, it is a new challenge.”
Kris O.
“I love to watch my son in class with Master John and the other helpful instructors, he has so much fun and he has no idea he’s learning and exercising! It’s the best feeling when he comes in the car sweating wanting to go home to practice his new moves! Thank You Lee’s!
Mary K.
“I enjoy the self-defense… a friend of mine had been mugged and I learned from her misfortune.”
Linda H.
“After a year of lessons from Lee’s Martial Arts Academy, my son finally decided to do tackle football. He is now the captain and I owe all of it to Grand Master Lee and Master John for the confidence that they gave him to lead and take responsibility for. Thank You LMAA!”
Greg M.
“I was very impressed with the way Master John worked with kids, he’s friendly and knew exactly what the kids were going through within first 3 minute they were in class. We’ve been doing as a family for over a year now.”
Emily G.
“I never knew that my cardio and flexibility can be at the level I am now. Grand Master Lee and Master John allowed me to see and touch my toes which I was never able to do all my life! Now I walk lighter on my feet and I feel like a kid again.”
Scott K.

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