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Jaime Javier


Jaime Javier Martial Arts Instructor

Jaime Javier, is a Taekwondo instructor and a photographer that is currently working towards his bachelor’s degree in marketing at Northern Illinois University.

He has been working as a Taekwondo instructor for the last 6 years in Crystal Lake, Illinois. He is a Kukkiwon certified black belt and a WTA certified instructor. He has been teaching and coaching Taekwondo at a local, state, and national level. He also teaches in public programs such as the Crystal Lake Park District programs. He also oversees the school’s demonstration team and has been responsible for the team’s athletic success and custom public performances.

Jaimie Javier
jaime flying kick

Master Jaime is the best role model for my son. He is also patient and wow is he talented!! I would like my son to grow up to be just like him.

Liz Sal
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